Wednesday, 22 February 2012

To Beautify: The Package

Ok, so this blog is supposed to contain bits and pieces about art, craft, scrapbooking bits and pieces..
but I just got a knock on my door and I am so excited that I felt the need to share that I just got an amazing parcel!

About a week and a half ago, I caved into my online shopping addiction (that I have been managing fairly well recently by NOT activating my new credit card and only going online to shop when I have spare money).

Make Me Cool Collection Travel Edition -
Left to Right: Pencil E30; Tapered Blending
E40; Foundation F60;Small Angle E65; Large
Powder F30; Eye Shading E55; Large Angled
Contour F40
Ages ago I subscribed to the Sigma Beauty website and I get regular emails from them and I just couldn't resist these adorable travel makeup brush kits! They're in the "Make Me" series and I just loved the Teal-ish colour of the "Make Me Cool" travel kit. 

There's a brush in there for pretty much everything!

They say to clean them with a mild shampoo or brush cleanser before you use them. I don't have a brush cleaner specific from Sigma or anything, but I do have my Napoleon Perdis brush cleaner and it works pretty well. I use it on all of my NP brushes.

I bought it from the chemist for $40 but I've used hardly any of it so far and I've had it for 6 months. You just need to spray a little bit on a tissue/paper towel and wipe or dab the brush back and forth until the product comes off.

The travel kit I just got came with plastic covers for the large brushes which help to keep the brush in shape. You'll notice if you wash a big puffy brush, it will often dry funny, so these should help prevent that. (Hopefully!)

I have wanted the Bare eyeshadow pallete for a while too and I thought, hey, why not kill two birds with one stone (so to speak, I have three budgies and they hate it when I use that saying!) and save on Delivery charges?!

Bare Eyeshadow Pallete - Left to Right: Shine; Control;
Snoop; Hitch; Act; Command; Elope; Approach
So I bought them both and I expected delivery time of about 3 weeks because US to Australia tends to take a while but here we are a week and a half later!

This eyeshadow pallete is quite cool - there's a little magnetised claspy doo-dad so that when you shut the lid it shuts tight. It comes with a double ended brush which I think will be super handy. It's the E30 Pencil Brush on one side and the E25 Blending Brush on the other.
I love the adorable little names too (see caption)

I also got this little complimentary E25 Blending Brush - quite cute!

I'll probably get super excited when I get a better chance to actually test out my eyeshadows and brushes and I'll do another blog on how I liked them but I have high hopes!!

Monday, 13 February 2012

First Ever Blog

Hi Fellow Bloggers and Readers,

This is my first blog and I just wanted to share a little bit about myself..
I am mad about scrapbooking. I don't give myself enough time to do any of the crafting things that I love. But I thought that if I created a blog it might encourage me to do it more regularly.

Some things I post will be activities, projects etc. and others might just be reposted or things that I've made/found from another persons blog.

Or I might just ramble on like I've done in this one.

I'm also planning my wedding for the end of next year so if I go a little wedding crazy with some of my projects, please do forgive.

Also, any suggestions on anything would be really appreciated :)

Thanks for reading Lovelies

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.
Thomas Merton