Monday, 10 June 2013

I have moved!


I have moved all of my creativity and thoughts about life to my new blog called Me And My Ready Made Family

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Monday, 18 March 2013

Pinterest Challenge #1 - Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ok, so I am doing my Pinterest Challenges a little out of order, but is it any wonder that I wanted to bake the Chocolate Chip Cookies first?!

Here are my masterpieces

I needed to hide them in an old Ice Cream container to stop the boys from hoovering them up. They were amazing and will become a regular "sometimes" food haha

If anyone wants to join in on this culinary genius head over to Nat the Fat Rat's blog
And head over to Merrick's Art to check out Merrick's latest Pinterest Challenges and link up your own!
I am so glad I baked these cookies nomnomnomnom

Sisters Share It All: Pinterest Challenge

Pinterest Challenge

I am an avid reader of Merrick's blog AND a Pinterest addict, so I was really motivated when I read the latest Sisters Share It All post.

Here are my 6 Pinterest Challenges over the next 6 weeks:

1. Hilarious Wedding Invitations
We really need to get cracking on the wedding invitations. I came across this Save the Date on Pinterest. This thing is hilarious and I decided I would steal it immediately. I am hoping to have them out in the next two weeks.

2. Nat the Fat Rat Chocolate Chip Cookies
I am a choc chip cookie fiend! I have tried so many different recipes and it can be difficult to find a truly good one, so I cannot wait to try this one!

3. Braiding
I was absolutely loving my hair for a while there but lately it has just felt meh. I am thinking with a little more effort and some stylish braiding I could fall back in love with my hair. I've been wanting to check this pin out for a while, because I'm addicted to braiding but I'm not very talented at it.

4. Vegie Garden
I have wanted a veggie garden for a long time. With all of the pallet repurposing going on these days, this has been my fave that I've seen so far.

5. Nail Polish box
I recently put all of my nail polishes into an old shoe box (that's right, I have so many nail polishes that they all fit in one little shoe box haha!) but obviously a shoe box just doesn't cut it for a crafter like me, so I need to repurpose some fabric or scrapping paper for this project

6. Giant Floor Pillows
Aaron and I just rearranged the boys rooms so that the little ones have more room and a HUGE TV. It would be great for them to have these giant floor pillows so we can camp out when it's their turn to host movie nights.

Here's to the next few weeks and FINALLY doing a few things on my Pinterest list.

Link up your challenges here and make your Pinterest dreams reality!

Sisters Share It All: Pinterest Challenge

Thursday, 7 March 2013

To Organise: Kitchen Junk Drawer

Everyone has one. A junk drawer. The place where random screwdrivers, cords and super glue tubes go to die. And ours happens to be the bottom drawer in the kitchen.

I am one month late hopping on the iheartorganizing bandwagon for the Monthly Organising Challenge. But with February being the Kitchen I thought what better way to start than the junk drawer!

I have organised the junk drawer using things I had in my own home. I didn't spend any time or money on it because we are planning on building our new house at the end of this year/start of next year. I don't really want to commit to anything until I get dimensions of my new cabinets (that will be when the fun really begins!). In the meantime, we need to focus on decluttering this house!!

<<<<((Please don't judge my "before" pics))>>>>

Our junk drawer contains many things, so I was trying to decide what to keep and what to throw.
- spare plastic bags
- duct tape
- super glue
- Selley's sealant pen
- Command hooks (galore!!)
- batteries
- electrical tape
- masking tape
- cable ties
- random tools like screwdrivers, Allen keys etc
- instructions to our outdoor setting chairs

I decided to keep the more of these items than I originally thought I would because although they are, let's face it, "junky" (yep, that's a word), they are all useful in some way or another. And if I throw something and need it later, I will literally kick myself. Some things, however were moved to the tool box in the garage, or my craft desk.

I will admit, I was tempted to DIY a lot! I keep so many containers, so I already had these Ferrero Rocher boxes and the ice cream container so I just grabbed them and filled them with like things. I used my old Dymo yellow label tape to label them for easy findings

Admittedly, I shouldn't be so lazy and just get on my sewing machine and make a sausage roll for all my plastic bags but I use these plastic sleeve protectors from work that do the trick.

I had an old NapiSan container on hand and filled it with oodles of batteries. Who knew they could come in so many shapes and sizes?!

I also cleaned out my refrigerator and my pantry but I didn't dare take BEFORE photos of those!!

I'd love to see other peoples Kitchen Organising Tips so Link up to iHeartOrganizing blog

Friday, 8 February 2013

Baby Bjorn Slip Cover


My sister just recently had a little baby boy (our gorgeous nephew Bayley). A friend gave her a Baby Bjorn carrier and said it was absolutely amazing for her with both her little ones. This was quite obviously true because whilst there was little wear and tear, it was certainly faded.
My sister decided to dye it but before she got the chance we came across this blog post.

To be honest, the most difficult part of the whole project was cutting/creating the template and pattern (and when my overlocker's tension wasn't right and I accidentally ripped the material! eep!!).

I made the Owl print cover when my sister and I agreed that she was definitely having a baby girl, but dear little Bayley had us thwarted already!
So I made this cute Elephant print cover.

It looks great and she keeps getting comments on it (which flatters me to no end)

Anyone with a new or old Baby Bjorn should seriously follow that tutorial or sweet-talk someone with a sewing machine to make it for you. Not only are they easy to interchange and wash, you can create a completely unique look for your Baby Bjorn carrier.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

To Live: Date#1, 2013

When you get home from a rough week of work, sometimes it is hard to muster up the energy to get dressed up, put a little makeup on, get off the couch and be romantic.

I find myself more and more saying "lets just get Chinese" and we spend the night in trackies watching our latest favourite show. Which is great and we both love it, but it is always nice to spend more quality time together (I work nights so we don't get to spend many evenings together or have dinner together during the week as it is).

Thus we are joining the trend of dating your partner. I will be posting one date per month for the next twelve months and I'd love anyone to share how you keep it fresh with your significant other, and popular "dates" for your boyfriends/partners/husbands. I was originally going to post this on the last day of each month then realised it is already the 3rd of Feb! Where did the time go?! (I'll try to keep the others on schedule!)
I have tried to think of lots of activities that we wouldn't normally do on a date night (our typical date is dinner and movies).
So I thought we'd ease into it by going to the ultimate of all movies...

Gold Class Lounge

Gold Class movies to see The Hobbit
I absolutely love the Gold Class movies and it just so happens that my mum gave us two tickets for Christmas.
(so not only is this a great date, but it is mostly paid for which is even better!)

We had sushi for dinner and reclined our way to The Shire. We both love the LOTR movies and The Hobbit certainly didn't let me down.

A great date with my fiancé. It is always nice to make that extra time for each other

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

To Organise: Makeup

I honestly don't wear make up very much. But I have too much of it and not enough space for all of it.

I have wanted an organiser for a long time and found one at Target for $45. I personally think that is a ridiculous price so I looked around and found one at ikea.

The Godmorgon box only cost me $19.99 and has so many compartments that I could organise all my mascara's, eyeliners and makeup brushes together.
Not only is everything looking as good as it is supposed to when I apply it to my face, but it is also so easy to find when it is all organised neatly.

I seriously advise that anyone looking to organise their makeup drawer get in the car and rush to ikea to buy yourself the Godmorgon box with compartments!! You won't regret it