Friday, 8 February 2013

Baby Bjorn Slip Cover


My sister just recently had a little baby boy (our gorgeous nephew Bayley). A friend gave her a Baby Bjorn carrier and said it was absolutely amazing for her with both her little ones. This was quite obviously true because whilst there was little wear and tear, it was certainly faded.
My sister decided to dye it but before she got the chance we came across this blog post.

To be honest, the most difficult part of the whole project was cutting/creating the template and pattern (and when my overlocker's tension wasn't right and I accidentally ripped the material! eep!!).

I made the Owl print cover when my sister and I agreed that she was definitely having a baby girl, but dear little Bayley had us thwarted already!
So I made this cute Elephant print cover.

It looks great and she keeps getting comments on it (which flatters me to no end)

Anyone with a new or old Baby Bjorn should seriously follow that tutorial or sweet-talk someone with a sewing machine to make it for you. Not only are they easy to interchange and wash, you can create a completely unique look for your Baby Bjorn carrier.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

To Live: Date#1, 2013

When you get home from a rough week of work, sometimes it is hard to muster up the energy to get dressed up, put a little makeup on, get off the couch and be romantic.

I find myself more and more saying "lets just get Chinese" and we spend the night in trackies watching our latest favourite show. Which is great and we both love it, but it is always nice to spend more quality time together (I work nights so we don't get to spend many evenings together or have dinner together during the week as it is).

Thus we are joining the trend of dating your partner. I will be posting one date per month for the next twelve months and I'd love anyone to share how you keep it fresh with your significant other, and popular "dates" for your boyfriends/partners/husbands. I was originally going to post this on the last day of each month then realised it is already the 3rd of Feb! Where did the time go?! (I'll try to keep the others on schedule!)
I have tried to think of lots of activities that we wouldn't normally do on a date night (our typical date is dinner and movies).
So I thought we'd ease into it by going to the ultimate of all movies...

Gold Class Lounge

Gold Class movies to see The Hobbit
I absolutely love the Gold Class movies and it just so happens that my mum gave us two tickets for Christmas.
(so not only is this a great date, but it is mostly paid for which is even better!)

We had sushi for dinner and reclined our way to The Shire. We both love the LOTR movies and The Hobbit certainly didn't let me down.

A great date with my fiancé. It is always nice to make that extra time for each other