Tuesday, 29 January 2013

To Organise: Makeup

I honestly don't wear make up very much. But I have too much of it and not enough space for all of it.

I have wanted an organiser for a long time and found one at Target for $45. I personally think that is a ridiculous price so I looked around and found one at ikea.

The Godmorgon box only cost me $19.99 and has so many compartments that I could organise all my mascara's, eyeliners and makeup brushes together.
Not only is everything looking as good as it is supposed to when I apply it to my face, but it is also so easy to find when it is all organised neatly.

I seriously advise that anyone looking to organise their makeup drawer get in the car and rush to ikea to buy yourself the Godmorgon box with compartments!! You won't regret it


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