Tuesday, 8 May 2012

To Create: Name plaque

Hello readers,

<3 My Sweet Boys <3

Just thought I'd share this little project that I did a few months ago when I cleaned out and redecorated my boys' room.

You can get all different shaped plaques for this or you could even cut your own from some MDF or something similar.
I just bought one from Spotlight for around $7.

I painted my plaque black and did the edges a beautiful aqua colour which really stands out! I had to do quite a few coats though, because the wood really soaks that stuff up.

I was originally going to hand paint the boys names onto the plaque.
I bought these white foam letters from KMart for scrapbooking ages ago but I thought they'd be super cute on a black background and could give it a bit of dimension and some added texture (which my little one loved touching very much).
Plus, if you don't have super steady hands and are worried about making a mess of handpainting those letters on, stickers are a great way to avoid ruining your efforts so far.

I also read somewhere (one of my scrapbooking magazines I'm sure) that things in threes are the most attractive or appealing to the eye which is why I chose three buttons with that same aqua colour as the edging for the plaque. I picked them up from Spotlight out of the $1 bin

I just used a cute little iron-car and glued it with wood PVA glue. I also got this out of the sales bin at Spotlight (Stingey!).

When I showed Aaron that I'd painted the face of it black he kept saying how morbid it was, especially for a child's bedroom. Even he had to admit when it was finished it turned out really well.

I really like the way that when I look at it, my focus isn't on the black but the pop of aqua and the bright white letters.

My next name plaque project on the way...
I totally forgot to take pics along the way!! I have a ton of other buttons and a new iron-on car and a little motorbike too, so I may just make another!!

Hope you enjoyed my little project and it inspires you to get even more creative and make a really fun entrance for your little boy or girls rooms.

Have a great week and stay tuned for more tutorials!

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