Wednesday, 9 May 2012

All About Little Miss Chatterbox...

My occupation is officially driving my partner MAD! Every other week I am rearranging things or working on some new bizarre project with scrapbooking, art, or decorating. My grandfather is an amazing photographer, and I have just added that to my list of hobbies!

Main Beach, QLD

My life revolves around my family and friends. I absolutely love hand crafting things for them, doing art projects with my boys and bringing an extra touch of personality to our family memories through scrapbooking.


I am waiting for a time when days last 30 hours and there are 8 days a week to fit in all the things I want and need to do (a feeling most women probably have, especially when you have a family to run). I thought if I start a blog, it might encourage me to get those scrapbook pages finished, that latest art project completed, the boys room organised, my most recent photograph edited and printed. I need motivation too, and if you have subscribed to my blog, you just motivated me! So thank you!!

I am also planning our wedding at the moment, and I feel that that may overtake some of my blogs in the not too distant future! For the next 18 months, I am going to be one hot mess trying to organise this as I am someone who loves lists, loves organising things, but I've got 1000 people in my ear about what I should or shouldn't be doing for our wedding.. And a $12 000 budget! (I can practically hear anyone reading this telling me "Good Luck") 

I just hope to share some of my creativity and to get some tips, advice and inspiration back in return.

Every now and then I'll get on and ramble and I hope you enjoy those blogs just as much as the other bits and pieces I'll be adding.

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your time on my humble ablog

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