Monday, 18 March 2013

Pinterest Challenge

I am an avid reader of Merrick's blog AND a Pinterest addict, so I was really motivated when I read the latest Sisters Share It All post.

Here are my 6 Pinterest Challenges over the next 6 weeks:

1. Hilarious Wedding Invitations
We really need to get cracking on the wedding invitations. I came across this Save the Date on Pinterest. This thing is hilarious and I decided I would steal it immediately. I am hoping to have them out in the next two weeks.

2. Nat the Fat Rat Chocolate Chip Cookies
I am a choc chip cookie fiend! I have tried so many different recipes and it can be difficult to find a truly good one, so I cannot wait to try this one!

3. Braiding
I was absolutely loving my hair for a while there but lately it has just felt meh. I am thinking with a little more effort and some stylish braiding I could fall back in love with my hair. I've been wanting to check this pin out for a while, because I'm addicted to braiding but I'm not very talented at it.

4. Vegie Garden
I have wanted a veggie garden for a long time. With all of the pallet repurposing going on these days, this has been my fave that I've seen so far.

5. Nail Polish box
I recently put all of my nail polishes into an old shoe box (that's right, I have so many nail polishes that they all fit in one little shoe box haha!) but obviously a shoe box just doesn't cut it for a crafter like me, so I need to repurpose some fabric or scrapping paper for this project

6. Giant Floor Pillows
Aaron and I just rearranged the boys rooms so that the little ones have more room and a HUGE TV. It would be great for them to have these giant floor pillows so we can camp out when it's their turn to host movie nights.

Here's to the next few weeks and FINALLY doing a few things on my Pinterest list.

Link up your challenges here and make your Pinterest dreams reality!

Sisters Share It All: Pinterest Challenge

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