Thursday, 7 March 2013

To Organise: Kitchen Junk Drawer

Everyone has one. A junk drawer. The place where random screwdrivers, cords and super glue tubes go to die. And ours happens to be the bottom drawer in the kitchen.

I am one month late hopping on the iheartorganizing bandwagon for the Monthly Organising Challenge. But with February being the Kitchen I thought what better way to start than the junk drawer!

I have organised the junk drawer using things I had in my own home. I didn't spend any time or money on it because we are planning on building our new house at the end of this year/start of next year. I don't really want to commit to anything until I get dimensions of my new cabinets (that will be when the fun really begins!). In the meantime, we need to focus on decluttering this house!!

<<<<((Please don't judge my "before" pics))>>>>

Our junk drawer contains many things, so I was trying to decide what to keep and what to throw.
- spare plastic bags
- duct tape
- super glue
- Selley's sealant pen
- Command hooks (galore!!)
- batteries
- electrical tape
- masking tape
- cable ties
- random tools like screwdrivers, Allen keys etc
- instructions to our outdoor setting chairs

I decided to keep the more of these items than I originally thought I would because although they are, let's face it, "junky" (yep, that's a word), they are all useful in some way or another. And if I throw something and need it later, I will literally kick myself. Some things, however were moved to the tool box in the garage, or my craft desk.

I will admit, I was tempted to DIY a lot! I keep so many containers, so I already had these Ferrero Rocher boxes and the ice cream container so I just grabbed them and filled them with like things. I used my old Dymo yellow label tape to label them for easy findings

Admittedly, I shouldn't be so lazy and just get on my sewing machine and make a sausage roll for all my plastic bags but I use these plastic sleeve protectors from work that do the trick.

I had an old NapiSan container on hand and filled it with oodles of batteries. Who knew they could come in so many shapes and sizes?!

I also cleaned out my refrigerator and my pantry but I didn't dare take BEFORE photos of those!!

I'd love to see other peoples Kitchen Organising Tips so Link up to iHeartOrganizing blog

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