Monday, 18 June 2012

To Create: Art and Sewing Show haul

A couple of months ago I went to the
Art and Sewing Show Sydney Expo 2012 and I got some really cool stuff!
(I've had this blog ready to go for ages and forgot to post it)

There was a lot of the same stuff from last year. In fact there were some exact same stalls with the exact same gear but of course I've come across different techniques and arts and crafts so some stuff I wasn't interested in last year but took a second look this year. But I'm rambling

I got some new big XL plates for my Big Shot. The box cutter my fiancé gave me doesn't fit on the regular plate and it doesn't really cut evenly without them.

I also got two new Distress Inks. Weathered wood and Broken china.

11 pens for $20. They are really cool, one end is a big writer marker and the other side is like a felt tip pen. The felt tip pen didn't come out perfectly but I'm hoping it's because I haven't really used them..
A few little chipboard bits n pieces.. Love the little soccer balls for some scrapbook pages for my boys.

I'm just doing our place up and the loungeroom is beachy/nautical theme so I'm thinking about doing a shadow box with the lighthouse and buoy and anchor bits. My sister has that theme in her place already so I might make one for her too.

I got a cute little Cuttlebug embossing folder that is just a heap of die (which I used in my BigShot because I read elsewhere you can use pretty much any plate in any machine-within reason).

I got a few things for the kids. A little Spongebob and two Lightning McQueen stickers. I also got a pack of fabric paints (I am desperately finding ways for them to stay amused inside without plonking them in front of the TV). I can't wait to see what crazy shirts they create haha. I also got three different packs of window/glass paints. When I was younger I painted a frog on a window at my Dads place and when he moved he took it to the new place and it's still kickin'!

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